Scep client not updating

I deleted the file, and did a GPUpdate /force after that.

When starting Machine policy retrieval after that you will see that the error is gone.

One of the things I really love about working in IT is that you can learn new stuff all the time, and when new stuff turns into boring repetitive stuff you can apply automation and add yet another new piece of learning to your skillset.

Over the last few releases of Configuration Manager, the product team has added some new cmdlets for managing Configuration Items and Baselines, and I started to look into these when I was given the task to create a lot of very similar CIs and Baselines for [...] If you are an organization who uses the Department attribute in Active directory and want to target users withing those departments for different deployments but you have a lot of departments and you don't know where to start, well then this post might be useful for you.

One very useful feature is the “Execute Runbook” Step, which can execute a runbook in Orchestrator.

Unfortunately Orchestrator has a little quirk, when moving to new environment, such as moving from Test to Prod.

For more questions, please reach out to Jason Sandys @Jason Sandys or Kent Agerlund @Agerlund.

With the products i have to get updated/tested/confirmed [...] Last year I wrote a blog about how the experience of deploying web clips or web links on Android devices looked like and how you were able to force them to be opened in the Intune Managed Browser.

If we look back at this experience with the Company Portal Widget and the links, this is not a really nice solution and we don’t want to talk about updating or removing a web link in this scenario.

If you’re like me, you might get stuck in the “this is awesome but how do I move forward with [...] In my last blog we looked at managing the legacy Android devices, like mentioned Google is investing in making Android safer and more enterprise ready.

Today Google announced the deprecation of the legacy management of Android devices as of Android Q, like explained here in the blog of Chris Baldwin.

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